I was born October 10, 1981 to a single mother of four in the slums of Oak Cliff the DDD.  Struggling with the hardships of being poor and from a broken family, I grew up different from most kids, even those in my own community.  With little direction in my life I became the blacksheep, the outcast, the outsider, the bad kid who would do or try just about anything.  Growing up, I often heard things such as “you will not live to be eighteen”, “you will not graduate”, “you’re not gonna be shit” .  My motivation was to prove them all wrong, but I went about it the wrong way, almost proving them all right. My trials, tribulations, ups and downs, storms, decisions, my god, perseverance, my hustle, the game, and my music have all formed me into the man I am today.

Growing Up

    Growing up I was a severe asthmatic staying in the hospital weeks at at time until around the age of twelve -thirteen.  So, I never took a liking to sports.  The only sport I ever took a liking to was boxing “we had to do that in the hood”.  My mom worked two jobs most of our life, leaving us the church and the streets to raise us in her absence. Us being myself, my brother Ant Bite, and my two sisters Tanequa and Ruby bray
School was a given to me and math was my favorite subject “ I love numbers”.  “But to be honest what kept me in school was the females and the money.  By the ninth grade I was already hustling.  I started writing music at the same time, inspired by the greats of 2Pac, Biggie, Pimp C and so on. But my passion has always been free-styling.  I love to just sit around and rap.

    Growing up we never really stayed in one spot.  We moved all over the hood from P.T.P, to Woodtown, to Highland Hills, to Beckley, to Ft. Worth, to Lancaster then back to Oakcliff.  Canterbury is what I call my hood simply because thats where I jumped off the porch at.  We basically lived off section eight, lights & water off here and there.  Going to school, coming home to the streets, & chilling with my big homies because that’s who was there in my mothers absence.  I stayed looking, watching & peeping game.  Learning the things school didn’t teach me – How to make this money.  I quickly landed myself in the gang banging hustla type lifestyle.  This was when all the hustlers i know as of today was still playing sports watching me do grown man things.

    High school was fun and serious.  I experienced many things for the first time.  I lost three of my good homies to the game and over double more to the system.  So I kept free-styling, grinding and writing.  Finally, I graduated and went to college.  By this time we dropped at least two to three mix-tapes under PMC Mafia, Lil Yo, Ant Bite, Terrific Tank, J Pratt and so on produced by DJ undercover (Jesse Montes).  All the same time I was recording a triple platinum, with another producer by the name of Solo Hog, with my wise guy family which included Filthy Rich, Snoop and Bisquit.   They were my Original Dewberry partners.  I went to college at Tyler junior college and hooked up with Biggs another producer who owned a studio and ran with a crew called BYH.

    Me and my roommate at the time and life long friend Chris (creative) Johnson dropped a single called “My way” that got us some local attention in Tyler.  We did a couple shows, but I ended up coming home from Tyler because the football team was hating and my boy was about to lay one down on campus.  So we left and came home.  I got home, finished college in Accounting at Interactive Learning Systems.

    Less than ten days later, I was in jail with my first four felonies.  They came by way of getting snitched on.  I make bond, they follow me, watch my spot and less than ten days later had the same four charges in a different county.  I get a Lawyer who gets me a ten year probation plea in Ellis county, with a 10,000 fine, 2,100 hours of community service and six months of in house rehab as a stipulation.  Dallas county gave me five years probation, which ran concurrent with my 10 year probation sentence.  An additonal $10,000 fine, and made me report every Monday.  My actions finally caught up with me.

    I had no choice to accept everything I was going through.  I made my bed hard, so I gotta lay in it.  I took the opportunity and used it to my advantage.  With my accounting background, I knew I was made to be my own boss, considering I could not get a job.  I turned up my only option, and went to barber college.  My probation officer said he would give me a hour for every hour I did since I was cutting hair and not getting paid.  This helped me knock my community service out and get my barber license at the same time.  Everything was going smooth, money good, probation cool, my fees of $365 monthly paid up.  I put my plan in motion and opened up my own record label, Flya Than Eva Entertainment.  I met a producer by the name of Spliff Wayne, and thats when the game changed.  I dropped a series of songs with him.  The hit Mash & Hustle gained me local attention here in the Dallas area.  One of my best partners was doing the same thing in Dallas, with his label Rude Boi Entertainment.  Lil Will dropped My Dougie and it blew up.  So I start putting my project together to drop my first album, The Fly Life.  At that time I was working with multiple local producers including Audio Compulsive Disorder Chad (Weight) Scarlett and Nate (Originate).
I won a contest with all the judges being radio station DJ’s, and promoters with Mash & Hustle.  I dropped my biggest You-Tube hit with Gold Finger & Dem Throwed Boyz featuring H-Town called Hip Rolls.

    Life is beautiful.  Now, here comes the trials and tribulations.  I violated my probation with a new charge.  In the middle of everything, just when life was getting good, they hit me with five years four times, 3 three year sentences and two 180 day sentences, all ran co-current and that was with a free world lawyer that cost $21,000.  I get locked up on February 14, 2008 on Valentines day.  My child’s mother was 5 months pregnant at the time.  My son was born July 1, 2008.  Michael Keith Archie Jr. (Da Prince), while I was in prison.

    Just like anything else in life, I adapted to the prison life quickly.  Not doing any solitary time in population, 56 male cell.  I did 3 years and that’s where I wrote my current mix-tape/album – The Product One, The Drought is Over.  On this album, I am basically writing and rapping about things I went through.  Next, I started my clothing line, Flya Than Eva, which we used the Key To Da City logo on.  I came home and picked up where I left off.  Went through some tough times getting all the pieces in place.  Finished my parole, barber school, and last but not least The Product.  I am currently working with several artists on my label so far.  Ajani, my female artist.  She features on The Product on several tracks.

    With The Product being complete and going through the printing and wrapping process, I’m currently working on The Product Two – Da Re-Up, also the label is about to drop Tjuan da don new mixtape Street Immunity, and Ajani first mixtape Saeko.  Also, in the process of shooting the web series with Moses of Wook Studios.  We also are in the process of working on a special compilation coming with Rude Boi Entertainment later on this year, The Rest is Already Written.  Hard work equals success and success is only the beginning.  From the Bottom to the Top, from Nothing to Something, from Fly to Flya Than Eva Entertainment.